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Are you getting the response you deserve?  Whether you’re looking for a lifetime Match, or simply having fun dating, it’s a proven fact that better Dating Profile Photos get you better results in your search for connection.  You have one picture to capture their interest and only six images to get them to chat with you. It may seem a little over the top, or extra as we say now, but professional photos will get you more dates and make you stand out. Actors get updated headshots done all the time, and what is dating other than just another form of a casting call?

You’re getting back out there, making a dating profile for yourself, and then comes the worst part. The profile photo. You scour your Facebook, Instagram, and photos on your phone to find a photo that is real but also makes you look great. This photo is really hard to find. You’ll end up settling on one from a couple of years ago when portrait mode just came out on your phone, it’ll do, but it’s not ideal.

Booking a dating photoshoot with Pamela Bhatia from Artistic Images is so easy and you’ll get the kind of photos that reflect you, and make you look really good.

Your dating profile photo doesn’t have to be generic. You want something fun and original, just like you, not something you would pin on top of a resume.

The Unspoken Rules of Dating Profile Photos  |  Dating Photography DON’Ts:

Use pictures that are more than two years old.
Use photos that includes someone of the opposite sex, unless it’s a grandparent
Use group shots with more than four people 
Open with a picture where your eyes are not visible —- i.e, no hat and sunglass.
Include images that requires an explanation      (i.e, not my kid/dog/boat/boyfriend).
Think About What You Want Your Photos to Say
Your photos will attract the caliber of people you want. We know that you would like that slightly out of focus picture of you walking a              nature trail to say “I’m a great person with my life together,” but it only says, “I like to be outside.”

Dating Profile Photoshoot Tips

Why Hire a profesional photographer?

Photos for internet dating sites like okcupid, tinder, match, eharmony.....
online photos are important! 

What to Wear For Dating Profile Photography
Wear what you would want to wear on a first date, or what you would wear if you were going to bump into your ex. You know the one! It’s the outfit that makes you feel cool, sexy, and confident. We want you to wear something that is totally and undeniably YOU, so we won’t give you too many pointers on what to wear. For any photoshoot, not just online dating profile photography, you want to feel great. If you come to the dating profile photoshoot rocking the self-confidence, you will end up with excellent dating photos. It doesn’t matter how ‘traditionally’ good-looking you are, confidence always wins. The better you feel about yourself, the happier and more relaxed you’ll appear in front of the camera, plus confidence is super attractive.

Don’t Get Too Fancy
Wear something that has a casual side. You don’t want to appear like you are trying too hard, you know? Now, we’re not saying sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but something that you would wear to brunch or a local event. Wear something that gives you that oomph of confidence but you can also casually hang out in.

Wear Something That Shows Your Personal Brand
Everyone has a thing. Think about your interests! If you’re into going to music a lot, then choose a typical outfit you’d wear to a concert. If you are into sports, bring some classy sportswear to show that side of you. If you’re into designer labels, show them off.

Bring a Change of Clothes or Two
Like we said earlier, you have 6 photos to convince someone to talk to you, so make them count. You don’t want every photo to be exactly the same, so switching tops or accessories to change it up between shots is a good way to add different facets of your personality to your photos.

Opt for Color
It sounds primitive, but we as people are attracted to color and vibrance. Think of adding a colorful top, some sweet kicks, or some accessories to brighten up your photos. If color isn’t your thing, that’s ok, your dating profile photographer can use some bright backgrounds.

What NOT to Wear to Your Online Dating Photoshoot
Don’t wear anything that totally hides you. Wear something that accentuates your body well and gives you shape. Avoid sweatshirts and oversized tees.


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